Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Your Strong Points and Weak Points?

Hi classmates,
I'd like to get to know you all much more. Is it OK if I ask your strong points(or attraction) and weak poinst(or defect)? To begin with, it will be polite for me to tell you myself, won't it? As for me, I am healthy and have two strong legs, I am trying to be kind to others and not to argue with others if possible, I like playing all kinds of sports and try not to annoy others, and I have one dimple on my left cheek and so on. However, to speak of my weak point, I am shy and timid, I am not confident and not active, I am short and not handsome, I am not funny and don't know how to make an event for others. Anyway I hope what I mentiond above would help you to understand me more. Thank you. Take care.


  1. Good morning, Kyle!
    I know you always work hard. I learn a lot from you.
    Me? I think I always try to look bright side.
    That's my strong point. However, I'm not well organized in my daily life. I often lose things. That's my weak point.

  2. Hi,Kyle!
    I was too shy and timid like you. Now I think , I changed a little. But since I came here, I thought again:personality is not easy to change. I prefer thinking to talking. I think about something all the time, but I don't express well about it. That is my weak point.And it is really bad to learn speaking English.
    I think you have more strong points than weak points.And we couldn't choose our appearence. It is unique(?)on the world. Isn't it proud?
    Everybody has two sides.Inspite of my weak points, I try to love myself.

  3. Hi, Kyle. I try to be generous and kind to others and keep smiling. (do you agree?) But when something bad happens to me, I keep thinking and don't let it go. That is my weak point.

  4. Hi Kyle,
    I didn't notice that you were shy. I thought you spoke your mind quite often in class.
    For me, my strong points include being organized and being quite logical. My weak points are that I'm pretty judgemental and I loose my temper quite quickly. I've been trying to keep calm when things upset me.

  5. Hi,
    Thank your for your comments. I am happy to share with you about our strong points and weak points, and to get to know you much better. People say one shoudl love onself in spite of all defects. I also try to love myself, but it doesn't sometimes work well. Anyway, I'd like to encourage my strong points and discourage my weak points, hopefully. Thank you again. Be happy!

  6. Kyle!

    Whenever I visit your blog, I feel comfortable and relieved. That's your strong points. I want to learn your modesty. I don't think I have any strong points. My weak points are that I'm not well-organized, not dilligent and not decisive. However, I'm trying to be a better woman. Actually, I am more organized than before owing to the experiences. OK! I can figure out my strong point. That's being flexible and changeble.